16 July 2013

Oooh, we all like a bit of travel gear porn don't we? Here's our round-up of the best things you can take with you on your backpacking, career break, round-the-world gap year adventure. 

A backpack cover that turns into a case thingy

Backpack rain cover

This is a normal backpack rain cover. Does its job right? But look at this fancy one:

Lifeventure backpack holder

It turns into a handy hold-all for your backpack, which means no more fannying about with giant clingfilm at the airport.

Waterproof money belt

Waterproof money belt for backpacking and camping

Travelling alone? At the beach? Fancy a swim? Well now you can do all those things at once because you can stuff your passport, wallet and photo of your cat in here, and it won't get wet or stolen (unless you get mugged by a fish). Word of warning - don't use it as a regular money belt because you'll get a sweat rash if you keep it on for ages. #voiceofexperience

Pants wallet

Pants wallet - underwear wallet - knickers wallet - keep your money and passport safe while you travel

Not a wallet that is pants, but a wallet in your pants. Various versions of this product exist - pictured above is the gentlemen's edition. Why keep your money in your pants? Because muggers in tourist hotspots know most travellers wear money belts and are adequately equipped to cut them off you. This is a bit more secure.

Waterproof iPhone case

If you're travelling throughout most of the world, you won't find a shortage of rice to stick your phone into if you need to dry it out. But here's a thought: wouldn't it be better to not get the damn thing wet in the first place?

Bike lock

Bike lock - career break and gap year travel gear

"But I'm not planning to cycle round the world!" I hear you cry. It's not for your bike, silly, it's for your backpack. Lock it to the luggage rack and you can snooze peacefully while your mates are sitting up and looking round like meerkats every time someone walks down the train carriage.

Head light

Head light (head lamp) - an essential bit of travel gear for your career break or gap year

A light. That goes on your head. Perfect for hands-free rummaging in your backpack, or reading in bed without disturbing your dorm mates. Plus you will look wicked awesome cool wearing it.

Travel wash

Travel wash - useful for your career break or gap year backpacking around the world

Massively useful if you don't want to smell. It cleans your clothes, hair, spoons, body, even the awkward bits between your toes where all the dirt has collected. It's concentrated so you can just tote a teeny bottle, and it won't break the environment, so you can have a scrub in the river.

Spirit level for your camera

A spirit level for your camera. A camera-level, if you like.

Yeah, you can always edit your pics in Potatoshop but on the road, you don't always have access to such excellent and licensed software. The solution? Stick a spirit level on your camera so even if the picture sucks, at least it's straight.

Pop-up mosquito net

Pop-up mosquito net - in case you're taking a gap year or career break in a malaria prone country

Most mosquito nets have a little bit of string at the top for you to hang from the ceiling. But what if you're short and can't reach? Staying in a cathedral? Or even staying in a place where there is no ceiling? Like outside, for example. This pop-up mozzie net is the answer, although it might make you feel like you're sleeping in a really rubbish MRI scanner.

Bungee cords

Bungee cords - hold your stuff together on a career break or gap year

Even if you're not the kind of annoying person who uses these to attach all their show-offy bits of kit to their backpack, they make a brilliant travel washing line. No more wearing soggy pants for you!


Thank you for reading - if you've got any useful insights to share, please do so in the comments below. Otherwise go back to trolling YouTube. Thank you.