30 April 2012


If the recent horrible weather doesn't make you want to leave the country, we don't know what will! We hope you're not stranded anywhere (unless that means you can't get to work, in which case, use your day off to plan your getaway!).

We've got a super round-up of career break stuff for you today - couples volunteering, cute and inspiring pictures and video, useful news, helpful blog posts, and of course the question of the month. Hope you enjoy reading and just reply to this email if you've got any feedback - it goes to a real person who actually enjoys reading your replies (not as much as she enjoys tequila, mind, but that's another story).



Want to volunteer but can't bear to be away from your other half? Volunteering is an increasingly popular option for couples who want to do something a bit different, and you'll find that working on a project in the developing world is an amazing bonding experience!

Career Break Site approved organisation Kaya Responsible Travel has just launched HoneymoonVolunteers.com, specifically for couples like you. Placements have upgraded accommodation (no dorms!), and there are even special activities at weekends so you can enjoy the local area together. It has tons of volunteering options so you should be able to find something to suit you both - like wildlife research on the Masai Mara, marine conservation on a Belize island reef, or working with street children of the Philippines. You can choose to work together, or in the same project but in different fields (so your individual skills are used to their fullest). You'll have an unforgettable experience which will bring you closer together. Awwww.

For more information, visit www.honeymoonvolunteers.com.




Amazingly clear river in Switzerland - with no fish or plants in it!

The cutest (and least macho) thing you will see this week - a picture of a frightened panda.



A dog carrying a baby monkey in Laos - it has apparently adopted it.

Mental bloke rides his motorbike around a Rio favela - the blurb says because of its amazing views but could it be that the location was chosen because they didn't reckon anyone would complain?



A handy guide to choosing a TEFL course.

Can you trust online travel reviews? Help sorting the wheat from the chaff.

A guest post from an HR expert tells you the one question you should always ask in a job interview.

And finally, 3 things you think you should be able to buy abroad, but can't.


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Question (asked on Twitter): " Is it silly to walk away from a good career to follow your dream of travelling the world for 6 months?"

Answer: OMG what a question! We told the tweeter to email us (in confidence) while we fetched a biscuit and read the whole backstory. We never actually tell people what to do (except our partners, not that they listen), we just try to help people look at all the options. We also point out that things change - for example, the economy, your family situation, your finances and even your hopes and dreams for the future are not going to be the same in 6 months or a year. Anyway, we're really pleased to hear people thinking seriously about their options and hope that she's happy with her final decision. (And sends us a postcard!).


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Changes to rules covering holiday protection come into force today. That link is to a useful article from the Telegraph explaining what this all means for you.

A bit of budget news you might have missed (along with the unfair dismissal period changing as we reported last month) - air passenger duty has gone up by 8%. No idea why, we already pay the highest avaition duty in Europe.

Still on air travel, Which? Travel has warned that sometimes airport parking charges can be more than the flight itself! Top tip - it's cheaper if you book ahead.

An article from the Guardian discusses whether you should buy your Euros now or later, if you're going away this summer.

The same paper has a good piece on how to get a promotion. Don't forget, taking a career break can help you climb the career ladder, as it gives you new skills and experience - plus it shows you've got initiative and drive!

Want to save some money? This blog post claims you can save £8,000 on house prices for a single extra minute of commuting. It makes lots of assumptions about trains running on time though.



It was droughting cats and dogs yesterday.



If you've got no plans for the upcoming bank holidays, and the weather's too rubbish for a picnic (pretty likely we reckon), why not use that day off to start planning your career break? Click this link to start your search - we've got tons of volunteering, travel, work and course options for you, and if you have trouble deciding what to do, remember you can always do more than one thing!


See you next month.



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