31 August 2012


Bah, almost the end of summer. But there's no better time to start planning your career break, because if you start now, you can be off by January, when things get really glum.

Today we've got our usual round-up of lovely photos, awesome videos, blog posts, news, a tip and of course a joke - hoping to feed you inspiration along with information. Enjoy!



45 amazing shots of our beautiful world - these are from a design blog so they're super high quality pics!

Fantastic photos of a stampede - photographed from underneath! It's remarkable that the cameras didn't get smashed.



Whale leaps out of water and almost hits the fishing boat.

Lots of career break volunteering projects involve sanitation work, so we thought this video about poo was interesting, especially the statistics on people who have nowhere nice to do it (video is safe for work).



We know there was a problem with the comments - sorry about that, it was due to our anti-spam module being updated (we use that so you don't have to use those annoying 'type these impossible to read words into this box' things). Anyway, it's fixed now so please go ahead and comment away!


In Travellers' Tales we've got a lovely story from a woman who took a big risk leaving her job to work around the world. Read Natalie's story (with lots of pictures) here.

In Money there's a round-up of ways to get free money for your career break - not always easy but it is available.

We were asked recently about transferable skills, so we wrote a post on how to show you've got transferable skills in the Your career section. It explains what they are too!

This month's guest post is from a TEFL expert, and is about facing your TEFL fears - filed under TEFL obviously.

Career break tips has a short post called When are you going to go? It was inspired by an English teacher one of us had, who used to ask people this when they talked about their dreams.

Finally in Travel and Travel gear we have a post on 10 photography tips for the tight-fisted and lazy. It shows you the kind of pictures that are achievable with a cheap camera and not a lot of time or patience.


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When walking in a city, turn your backpack around so the zippered bits face your back rather than away from it. No, it doesn't look very cool but it really does reduce the risk of thieves getting in there.


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Piece from The Guardian on why you have to switch off your Kindle when taking off or landing in a plane. The article does smack a bit of first world pains but it's interesting.

Still with The Guardian, and slightly more useful, is this piece on why TripAdvisors' "Best rates" might not necessarily represent marvellous savings. Also has tips on where to go to get the best deals.

If you'd like to have a bash at volunteering but aren't ready to take a career break yet, you can try it out for 24 hours, and get a free ticket to Bestival on the Isle of Wight! There's also a free meal a day, crew camping and free return transport from Bristol. All the details are here - and thanks to career breaker Nat for the heads-up on this.

The Independent has a useful article on the best time to travel to save money. Tuesday is the cheapest day to fly to Europe, apparently.

Farmer's Weekly got in touch with us! Yes really, they must know about our staff's rather sad Archers addiction. Anyway, they're looking for 10 young people (aged 18-25) to join a 5-day farming bootcamp this October, and there's a stonking prize of £10,000 for one outstanding apprentice to kick-start a career in farming. All the entry details are at www.farmersapprentice.co.uk. Deadline is 14th September.

Finally, our friends over at i-to-i TEFL have a guest post from us on their blog! It's called 10 things you never knew about TEFL and was written especially for career breakers.



Our computers went down at work today, so we had to do everything manually.
It took me twenty minutes to shuffle the cards for Solitaire.



Instead of plugging our social media stuff this month, we decided to leave you with a useful bit of insight instead. We've heard several stories this month about people who've taken a career break or made a career change. What they have in common was that they were all scared, but they did it anyway. And one of them keeps sending us annoyingly chirpy updates from somewhere much sunnier than here about how much she loves her new life.

People like you are doing amazing things that you've always dreamed about. You can too.


Until next time, enjoy the Paralympics and what remains of the summer, and we'll see you at the end of September.



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