28 February 2013


Welcome to February's newsletter - packed full of things to inspire and help you with your career break plans.



PGL are looking for people who speak French to degree level for their language rep jobs in Northern France. You will be teaching French to children, plus going on excursions and doing activities with them. It's a great addition to your CV (especially as you will get a nationally-recognised qualification), plus it's fun and rewarding work. The package includes a monthly wage, plus free accommodation, food, transport to and from the UK, and training. Click here to find out more, and to apply.



Raleigh International, a youth and sustainable development charity, are looking for career breakers to join their expeditions this summer in Borneo, Costa Rica & Nicaragua, and Tanzania. Volunteer managers (aged 25-75) are needed to help lead expeditions and work with young people (aged 17-24) and local NGO partners on worthwhile community, environmental and adventure projects. Various roles are available to suit your experience and interest: from getting your hands dirty on a remote community development project, to planning the logistical operations from a fieldbase or leading a stunning and challenging trek. Click here for more information, or email volunteermanagers@raleighinternational.org.



This month, some amazing photos of the world's most surreal landscapes.

For you budding photographers, here's a round-up of books to help you improve your photography. Also, this month's Destinations has a feature on travel photography tips - you can read it here (it's a bit of an annoying format though).



Footage of a baby sloth in a sanctuary in Costa Rica. Yes, it is cute!



How old are you? Do you think you're too old for a career break? Here's an article on the best age to take a career break - with the pros and cons for each decade.

If you're packing up for your career break, you may not be aware of 10 organisations who owe you money. The money you can claim back can add up to hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of pounds, so read the post and get claiming! Useful links are included.


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If boredom at work is making you sleepy, stretch your arms above your head, pinch your earlobes or stand on tiptoes - you'll instantly feel more awake.

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An interesting piece in The Guardian from a British ex-pat in Australia talks about the good and bad points of living there. Some of the stuff - like telly and racism - is quite surprising.

Lots of airlines are cancelling Dreamliner flights, because the planes keep breaking. ANA (Japan's national airline) has cancelled 1,700.

An Australian billionaire is sinking his spare money into a Chinese shipyard to build a replica of the Titanic. Brave or stupid? Either way, you can watch an interview with him here (the video starts automatically).

You might be aware of the recent EU ruling about airlines having to compensate passengers for delays of more than 3 hours. There's been a fair bit of misinformation about how it applies. This article helps you sort the facts from the hype. Also, this MoneySavingExpert page has more facts and help with claiming.



At a job interview I was asked what my greatest weakness was. "Honesty," I said.

"I don't think honesty is a weakness," said the interviewer.

"I don't give a crap what you think."



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