28 January 2016


And welcome to our special January edition. All of our newsletters are packed full of stuff to insipre you, but today we've got an extra-special, extra-inspiring newsletter for you, designed to get you super excited about your career break!

But it's not all quotes and sunsets. We've also got lots of practical, useful info and advice to help you plan and organise your once-in-a-lifetime experience. Everything from free ebooks and apps, to useful blog posts that will help you take the first steps towards your new life. All our usual features are here too, and the question of the month is back!

So if you've been staring out of the window at grey skies, dreaming of doing something different, now's your chance.



Make 2016 the year you do something inspiring. If you’re thinking about taking a career break, change or sabbatical, then a Raleigh expedition could be for you. Raleigh are looking for passionate volunteer managers aged 25 – 75 to join their sustainable development programmes in Borneo, Costa Rica & Nicaragua, Nepal and Tanzania. You could volunteer on an 8 or 13 week summer programme from June and July 2016. There are tons of roles available, from admin to logistics and communications to project management. Visit www.raleighinternational.org/vm for more information.



FREE ebook on 8 Ways To Save The World While Traveling

Top 100 free travel ebooks at Amazon for your Kindle (you can get a free Kindle app if you don't have a Kindle, or read in your browser)

If you commute by train, get a free Bite card to get discounts on food in stations - the money off will help you save for a career break!

Free £65 Tempur travel pillow - you have to go and try out their mattresses in an actual shop to get this.

Flio is a free app to help you navigate airports easily, finding WIFI, stuff to do and getting you discounts.



Find all our new and updated career breaks here - there's a new international development internship and we've updated a variety of other career breaks.



We have rounded up some of our older "New Year, New You" and inspirational, "getting started" posts for this special January edition.

First up is top things to learn in 2014, but to be honest, this can apply to any year! The post tells you how a career break can help you learn these too.

And in a similar vein, here's a recent post on top things to learn BEFORE you travel - to make your career break even better!

How to turn an 88% chance of failure into a 70% chance of success - this post is about how planning for a specific change (like a career break) is more likely to happen than your standard New Year's Resolutions.

If you're having trouble getting started, read this post on how to overcome procrastination.

And if you're worried about your job, read this post on how to take a career break without it hurting your career.

Ready to go? Before you do, read this post BEFORE you book.

And finally, here is a post on taking the first step.


There's absolutely stacks of useful stuff on our blog, on all aspects of taking a career break, from where to go and what to do, to managing your career and money. If there's something you want to know and we haven't covered it yet, tell us! And we'll write a future blog post just for you.



The winners of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are here!



In case you missed it before, this is Lonely Planet's list of places to visit in 2016.



If you really want to make this the year you change your life, stop just thinking about it and get planning. Studies have shown that you're much more likely to do something if you have specific goals in mind and write down plans in order to make them happen. You can use apps, programmes or even just good old-fashioned pencil and paper - just make sure it works for you.



Someone emailed us asking if it is possible to work abroad as a couple. The short answer is yes! It might be a bit more difficult finding 2 vacancies together, but in places where there's a lot of seasonal work going, or temporary jobs, you can usually find something. Making sure that one or both of you has the edge over other job-seekers (decent CV, experience, qualifications, etc) will really help.

Someone else contacted us to ask if there are any free ski courses. In all our years of running this site, we've never heard of one, but if you know different, let us know!

If you've got a question, get in touch! We never reveal your name (unless you want us to!)



Want self-tying shoelaces? Replace them with earphones.



"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."


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