31 January 2013


We hope you had a lovely Christmas and haven't broken all your New Year resolutions yet (we have). If you want to really do something with your life, read our blog post about how planning a career break has a much greater chance of success than making resolutions.

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For you budding travel photographers, here is some inspiration - 39 examples of minimalist photography.


This is like swimming with dolphins only in the sky - parasailing with a hawk!


Lonely Planet are offering a prize of a week in South Africa worth £5,000. Did you know, fewer people enter competitions for big prizes, because they don't think they'll win? So if you do, you're in with a pretty good chance!


10 things you should be able to say in any language - some of them might surprise you!

A guest post on the top 5 authentic Australian experiences attracted a fair bit of criticism on Twitter, mainly for missing things out. If you have any to add, please tell us in the comments.

Top 5 tips to finding your career calling is another guest post, this time from our friends at Position Ignition, who help people with career changes.

If you're thinking of volunteering on your career break, you might find this useful - 7 reasons to volunteer abroad. Even if you're not, read it anyway because there's loads of nice pictures in it - lots of cute children and animals!

And in case you've ever wondered what we're like, we wrote a post on some things you probably didn't know about us. It's about the way we work and our stances on certain things, rather than the fact we tend to eat too many doughnuts, but we hope you find it interesting.

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Pack rubber bands - they're useful for holding together breaking gadgets, wrapping up food packets, and for keeping your hair out of your face. Also you can ping them at annoying dorm mates.

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African safaris have seen a rise in visitors - they reckon it's due to Attenborough's lovely documentaries. The article also reports a rise in visitors to Gangnam (yes, it's a place as well as a style), New Zealand (Lord of the Rings) and somewhere in America where they filmed Twilight.

One in ten snowsporty holidaymakers still travel without insurance - despite the fact that they've collectively lost £5.5 million in the last 5 years due to injury or lack of snow. We bang on about it all the time but insurance is really the most important thing you can take with you when you go away. That and clean pants.

An economist from the University of East Anglia has caused controversy by suggesting that flying doesn't have any impact on CO2 emissions. You can read the arguments for and against here, and make up your own mind.

Google Maps has started filling in bits of North Korea. Contrary to popular belief, you can visit North Korea, although obviously there are very tight controls on where you can go and what you can see.


I spent all day in my pyjamas, surfing the internet for a new job.

My boss was furious.


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