29 October 2015


Hopefully you're reading this all warm and snug in your office/home/jacuzzi and not on your phone while taking the bus to the fancy dress shop for a last-minute Halloween costume.

Wherever you are, and however excited/fed up you are about the prospect of trick-or-treaters banging on your door demanding free food, we're here for you today to take you far, far away. Figuratively, at first, then hopefully literally!

There's photos, competitions, free stuff, loads of new career breaks, blog posts to help you get informed and inspired, and of course our new feature where you tell us stuff.

So sit back, place your bowl of Halloween chocolate within easy reach, and get stuck in.



Free travel app to help you plan your trip (Namibia, New Zealand and Cambodia).

3 free ebooks (try saying that when you're drunk) from Off the Path include a guide for a week in Bangkok, which is a popular destination for career breakers.

Free gap year guide book from Nomadhead - big and comprehensive, with a bonus chapter about bucket lists.

A load of free apps via the Amazon app (ends Oct 31st) - most of these are games but there are a few useful ones in there too.

Free cookie from Subway (you have to buy one of their sandwiches first, it's coupon in exchange for feedback about your visit).

Free cruise offer - it's a BOGOF so you'll need a mate you can share a cabin with.

Free tickets to Hanoi with Vietjet - they're limited, obvs, and only for flights within Vietnam.



Find all our new and updated career breaks here - there are new TEFL courses and unique internships, plus we've updated some of our volunteering placements.



National Geographic photo comp is now open for entries - you have to pay but wouldn't it be great if you won?!



Diving into your job search after a career break is our first guest post, from career coach Anne Sparks. It's a must-read if you've just taken a career break and want to make the most of it!

Our second guest post is top 10 tips for volunteering abroad, from a young woman who's just come back from a volunteering placement in Namibia. It's a bit different from the usual volunteering advice posts, as it comes from someone "on the ground" who is willing to admit some of their mistakes!

We were quite chuffed to score an interview with the marketing manager at big volunteering organisation VSO. Veronika told us about how things work there, what her team does, and talked about some of her favourite people and projects.

And we were also honoured to be given permission to repost this article on what to when it all gets too much. Written by Paula Gardner, it's full of great advice for dealing with overwhelm (which can happen to all career breakers sometimes).



Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards - something a bit different from the usual fancy National Geographic type photography! The entries have closed but a winner is yet to be announced.



We've got a double bill for you this month!

First, there's Lonely Planet's round-up of the best places to travel to in 2016, which has what they think are the top city, region and country to visit next year.

Then, if you've got an hour to indulge yourself, there's National Geographic's documentary on Fiji, which it rates as one of the best destinations in the world.



Get up early (when you can!). You'll miss crowds at attractions, and you'll get a difference sense of a place. Plus there are awesome sunrises!



You may remember last month we launched this feature, asking for contributions from you. Our question was: What place is the most different from the UK, in terms of culture, weather, food, people, etc?

Our favourite answer was from Tom S in London, who said "The place most different from the UK is (out of the ones I've been to) Laos. The language and food are different, but mostly it's the people, they're just friendlier and more peaceful!"

Thanks Tom!

Today's question is: What item can't you travel without?

To answer, email click this email link. Ta!



Visit a real graveyard this Halloween - login to Google Plus.



We're always looking to improve this newsletter, so if you've got an idea for a new section or feature, let us know! We'll credit you unless you want to remain anonymous.


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