1 November 2017

Once, long long ago, we did a round-up of our favourite travel blogs. Since then, we've come across a few more that we love, and we've rounded them up here for your delectation and delight! If we've missed any (like yours), there's details of how to get in touch at the bottom.

Nomadic Matt

One of the most popular travel bloggers in the Western World, Nomadic Matt mixes incredibly useful advice with interviews, and amazing photos of his trips. He also produces loads of books and courses so if you aspire to be a great travel blogger (or just a competent traveller), there's plenty to help!


How the mind wanders

This is a lovely travel blog by Welsh traveller Bethan, who spent 18 months living and working in New Zealand, and now lives in London but travels as much as she can. Beautiful photographs and inspiring quotes make this an inspirational travel blog.


My life's a movie

My Life's a Movie is a busy and bright travel blog run by full-time solo traveller Alyssa. Her posts include travel round-ups, tips and hacks, videos and collaborations with other people - so you're sure to find something to interest you!


1 dad 1 kid

The amazingly-named Talon Windwalker, an American single dad who travelled the world with his kid. Although they're back in the US now, he still blogs about their experiences. They obviously have a very special relationship and he's honest about their challenges.


Roar loud

When we asked for suggestions for this round-up, Roar Loud got in touch and said they would never be on a list! And yet, here they are. Their blog focuses on adventure travel, mainly in North America but they travel throughout the world.


Barefoot backpacker

One to inspire fellow middle-aged backpackers! Camera-shy Ian travels alone and loves nature, and spends more time than most people travelling to what he calls "dark" destinations (like war sites). His blog is more about his experiences and opinions than round-ups or tips, and his engaging writing style and lovely photos are inspirational!


Lost with purpose

"Lost with purpose" excellently sums up the mindset of a certain sort of traveller. Run by Alex and Sebastian, they share their experiences in the hope of inspiring you to do something similar. Their focus, as the name suggests, is on off-the-beaten-track adventure (something we heavily promote here at The Career Break Site).


Legal nomads

One of an ever-increasing tribe of digital nomads (people who work while they travel), Jodi is one of those career breakers who took a sabbatical and never came back! As well as travel, she blogs about food and wellness and includes lots of travel tips along with her personal musings.


Two monkeys

One of the brightest and jolliest travel blogs we've ever seen, Two Monkeys is unusual in that it combines adventure travel and cheap travel with luxury. Kach and Jonathan (the titular two monkeys) love a bit of sailing too. They've visited all 7 continents so far so they know their stuff!


Global grasshopper

This is a multi-award-winning travel blog with a bit of a difference - it's got a group of authors instead of just one or two, plus they frequently have guest bloggers. They focus on places that are under the radar and describe themselves as "travel snobs" - which is good if you're one too!



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