11 February 2014


Yes, you read that right, Germany. Our Teutonic cousins are the biggest consumers of flowers - buying them, not eating them that is. Apparently their love for the floral stuff is partly due to economic optimism (they must be the only ones left), and the tradition of bringing flowers as a hostess gift instead of a box of Ferrero Rocher.


Home to chocolatey giants Nestle and Lindt, Switzerland is unsurprisingly the world's biggest choccy scoffer. We couldn't find any statistics about how much of the brown stuff is given as a gift, but with that much of it around, surely some of it must constitute presents. We in the UK used to be number 2 but we've recently been pipped to second place by our neighbours in Ireland.


More diamonds are sold in the USA than anywhere else. Obviously they've got a lot of people and it's a developed nation where people can afford shiny stones, which goes some way to explaining why they shift 5 million of them annually. And with all that obesity, they probably need bigger bits of jewellery now too.


The Spanish spend more money on eating out than any other country, so if you want something a bit posher than an M&S meal deal for your romantic dinner, head for Spain. The deliciousness of the tapas and paella could even make you tune out the guitar music, if you're lucky.

The Netherlands

No, not because of the tulips, but because of the gays. The Dutch legalised gay marriage before anyone else, making their country a nicer place to have a romantic night out with your same-sex sweetie.

Antigua & Barbuda

This piddly little island nation has the highest rate of marriage in the world - awww. It's not enough for the Antiguans that they get to live in the Caribbean surrounded by awesome beaches, they get long-term love too!


If you're looking to get married, head north to our Scandinavian neighbours. The chaps there are ranked top in the ditching traditional gender roles stakes, meaning they'll vac the rug. And gentlemen, doing the housework and not being an idiot means you'll attract a better class of lady - one who's now got some free time to do something nice for you.


According to the UN's statistics, Uruguay has the lowest divorce rate in the world, with a staggering... um.. zero. If you suspect that's due to someone not counting right, you can always head to their near neighbour Chile, which has the next lowest divorce rate at just 1 for every 10,000 people.


With their economy, the Greeks have found something else to do with their time that's entirely free. Yes, Greeks do it more than any other nationality, with the highest number of people getting some love action at least once a week.


Still on the subject of sex, go to Nigeria if you value quality over quantity. They reckon they have the most satisfying sex lives in the world!


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