1 July 2015
  1. Too much marketing guff on food packaging. Like on a packet of herbs - "intense and fragrant". Or on a box of tea - "refreshing and uplifing". I'm British FFS, I know what tea tastes like!
  2. People who can't go out for a drink on a Saturday night without being sick, getting in a fight, or singing.
  3. The English Defence League. Newsflash: England doesn't need defending. And if it did, I'm sure we wouldn't rely on a bunch of barely literate racists.
  4. The sudden obsession with a sport England turns out to be quite good at. (Or Scotland, or Wales). What happened to 'It's not the winning, it's the taking part'?
  5. Reality TV. Yes, I know they have it in other countries but somehow it's so much better when you can't hear "I've been on an incredible journey and it's not the end of the road" in your native language.
  6. The inability to cope with weather that isn't a tepid drizzle. It snows, everyone panics. The sun comes out, everyone goes mental. Calm down, Brits!
  7. Constant discussions about house prices. I don't care how much your house is worth, was worth, or is likely to be worth in 5 years' time.
  8. Related to house prices - home improvements. The only thing more boring than a photo of someone's kitchen is a photo of someone's kitchen without anything in it.
  9. Greggs. Ick.
  10. That thing where you don't know if someone's just being polite. 
  11. Bloody speed cameras. The worst thing about them is that they cause more accidents than they prevent.
  12. Tourists. Ironic - but they're annoying when they're standing all over the pavement and you need to get to M&S for a meal deal before it closes.
  13. Most of the political parties, but especially the Tories.

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