25 March 2014

USBs are often regarded as extremely useful, enabling people to carry massive amounts of data, or allowing you to connect devices together seamlessly. USBs just work! But the USB's ease of use has inevitably allowed people to create some whacky and fun devices which are listed below. Your colleagues may enjoy them but your boss will probably wish they had never been made!

USB Whack It

Firstly we take a trip down nostalgia lane. Remember that old arcade game where whacking moles was everyone’s favourite way to spend an evening after work? Well with ‘USB Whack It’, you can take the fun and excitement into your office via a USB connection. Rack up your score and challenge your co-workers, just don’t let your boss see.

Thunder Missile Launcher

Procrastination will be a common theme on this list and the Thunder Missile Launcher makes no exception. Loaded with 4 foam missiles, you can fire at your co-workers and even the HR team that may or may not be discussing your forthcoming termination.

Compatible with Windows XP all the way through to Windows 8, use your mouse and keyboard to control the direction of fire. 

Super NES Game Pad USB

Nothing beats the feeling of a properly constructed controller while playing video games. This Super NES Game Pad lets you play all those retro games on your computer with ease via a simple USB connection. You are sure to make your co-workers jealous with this while playing Super Mario.

USB Pet Rock

An advertising executive in the 70s named Gary Dahl stumbled upon a million dollar idea while listening to his friends in a bar. They often complained about their pets and Gary decided he wanted to create the ‘perfect’ pet. Bizarrely this led him to the idea of selling rocks to people as pets, complete with an entire instruction manual.

Although the ‘pet rock’ was advertised as the product he was trying to sell, it was actually the instruction manual that was the real product, full of gags and puns to make your sides split.

Fast forward to today and Firebox.com have jumped on this idea by selling a pet rock themselves, just in a USB form. Not only that, he/she comes in a delightful looking box.

The Ultimate PC Prank Master

Pranks are a common occurrence within office buildings among co-workers with whoopee cushions and air horns seen as a classic prank.

Infecting your co-workers computer with a virus seems a little malicious, but making them think they actually have a virus can be deemed as a great prank. Insert the USB Prank Master and watch the hilarity unfold.


  • Random mouse movements
  • Switches caps lock on and off
  • Types random rubbish
  • Ability to set the duration and frequency of attacks

USB Soccer Fidget

What can only be described as a single player version of pong, the USB Soccer Fidget will be sure to keep you entertained during the boring parts of the day. With level difficulties, scoring and high scores, test yourself against your co-workers to see who can become the best. If your boss wants to play, it’s advised you let him win. 

USB Roll-Up Drum Kit

The portability of this drum kit is what makes it so appealing. With 9 different pad areas, plus a foot pedal, you too can play along with your favourite songs during office hours. Arguably one of the most disruptive items on this list, but what your boss doesn’t know can’t hurt you… right?

USB Biometric Fingerprint

Pranks within an office environment are a common occurrence, ones which can leave you fearing to leave your computer for more than 5 minutes at a time.

This USB Biometric Fingerprint machine is perfect to help discourage co-workers from pulling such pranks. You will however feel the wrath of your boss when he cannot log on to your computer to grab that all important shareholders presentation he needs for that afternoon. 

USB Typewriter

Typewriters have always made a satisfying sound, but in this modern era they are just not practical. But with the help of technology, you too enjoy the sound of the tapping of keys at the expense of your co-workers' ears.

These modified typewriters are made to work as a UBS keyboard for a PC, MAC and even an iPad!

USB Electric Shaver

Benjamin Franklin once said “Time is money”, so who has the time to shave in the morning?! This USB electric shaver is handy for keeping that 5 o’clock shadow at bay. Just try to clean up after yourself!

USB Radio Controlled Mini Car

Get a bunch of your co-workers together and have a race around your office desk within minutes. This USB Radio Controlled Mini Car does away with batteries and is fully powered by a USB. The car even has a horn!

USB Flash Drive 2GB - Gun

Storing information has never looked so dangerous! Although you may be running over to your boss’s desk loaded with important documents, she will be definitely questioning your USB design choice. 


This article was written by Matt Pierce, a content marketer at ChairOffice.co.uk