24 March 2015

25 ways backpacking is like having a baby

  1. You frequently find yourself wondering what the source of that unpleasant smell is.
  2. There is vomit.
  3. You act like you know what you're doing but really you haven't got a clue.
  4. Someone wakes you up in the night for no reason other than they like the sound of their own voice.
  5. You stop caring what you look like.
  6. No matter how hard you try to lighten your load, you end up carrying a huge bag of stuff everywhere.
  7. Inexplicable crying.
  8. Inexplicable crying (from you).
  9. You forget what your old life was like.
  10. There is more vomit.
  11. Going to work is a distant memory.
  12. As is shaving/wearing makeup.
  13. You end up sleeping wherever you can, even on the bus. Especially on the bus.
  14. There's an unexpected amount of singing.
  15. You find yourself watching weird telly.
  16. Sore feet.
  17. Seriously, why is there so much vomit?!
  18. All your clothes are chosen for comfort and/or ease of cleanliness.
  19. You really, really hope that is just mud.
  20. Or chocolate.
  21. Or meaty sauce.
  22. Seeing more boobs than you anticipated.
  23. Time to sit and chill is now a commodity more precious than gold.
  24. Speaking of which, where the hell did all your money go?
  25. Despite everything, each day brings something new and awesome.

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(Photo credit: Luigi Amasia)