28 February 2011

In our daily lives, there are tons of little, niggling irritations. None are so bad that they make us want to set off on a chainsaw-based killing spree, and frankly they pale into insignificance when compared with real problems, but nonetheless, they are a part of life we can all do without.

One of the best things about a career break is that you can leave all that kind of crap behind. Here are 5 things that irritate me that I forget all about each time I hop on that plane.

  1. Other people putting stuff in my wheelie bin as soon as it's been emptied. Yes, I know technically it's not even my bin, it belongs to the council, but that doesn't stop me feeling that whoever puts their Tesco carriers full of pizza crusts and unpaid gas bills in it might as well be throwing them into my bedroom.
  2. The person behind me on the bus whose 'music' I can hear through their earbuds because they've got it turned up so sodding loud. Tsing, tsing TA-TA-TA-TA tsing tsing tsing. I am always a hair's breadth from throwing your phone out of the window. Be warned.
  3. Pretentious chefs who put 'hen's egg' on a menu. ALL EGGS COME FROM HENS YOU STUPID GASTRO-NUMPTY.
  4. Chuggers. 'Have you got a minute for cancer research?' I'm smoking, you fool, I'm obviously doing some of my own.
  5. Too many questions at the supermarket checkout. I haven't got a loyalty card, I don't need a bag because I've only bought a Twix, I'm not collecting vouchers for whatever project you're doing to suck up to middle class parents and I don't want any cashback. Just shut up.


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