2 March 2012

In celebration of International Women's Day, we decided to list some of the advantages that lady travellers have over their male counterparts. This isn't because we hate men or anything (on the contrary, some of us are rather fond of them). It's more to give reassurance to solo female travellers (who tend to be a bit more apprehensive than men).

  1. People look out for you. Some bloke harrassing you? Walk into the nearest shop or cafe and tell them - they'll make sure he goes away. Don't know which bus to catch? Some lady 'who's got a daughter about your age' will be on hand to assist.
  2. It's easier to approach people. If you want to walk, sit, eat or just hang out with someone, it's the easiest thing in the world to just ask if you can do that. I'd put money on you never getting turned down.
  3. You can take pictures of kids without people thinking you're a paedophile. Lots of travellers like taking pictures of local kids - they're less self-conscious and make for great photos - and women are better able to do this. Less afraid to ask, apart from anything else.
  4. You're protected from the seedier side of things. Many men find the sex industry in places like Thailand very distasteful, and some can find the harrassment threatening. As a lady, you never have to deal with that kind of stuff.
  5. You can share stuff with other girls. The boys will be too embarrassed to ask to borrow your shampoo but if you hook up with a group of girls, or even just share a dorm room with them, you'll have access to a much wider range of toiletries, clothes, etc.
  6. You will make friends easily. Because of the being able to approach people, sharing your stuff and smelling fragrant.

What else is great about being a female traveller? Tell us in the comments!