31 August 2017


How are you? Sad that summer's nearly over or excited by what the whole "new term" feel of September? (It never really goes away, does it?!)

We at The Career Break Site have been busy getting new partners signing up, seeking out new career breaks for you, and finding lots of useful and inspiring things to help you plan your next adventure. We've stuck the best of everything into this newsletter as usual - even the joke isn't that bad this month!

So grab a flat white, turn off all your notifications, and spend the next quarter of an hour enjoying this.



Taking a career break with Kaya Responsible Travel allows you to experience the real world whilst making a positive difference. Whatever your reasons for taking time out, Kaya have tons of amazing volunteer projects for you to choose from in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Kaya carefully selects sustainable, locally led, ethical projects that deliver a positive impact to local communities and the environment – which is why they were awarded Best Volunteering Organisation 2016 at the British Youth Travel Awards. When you apply, you’ll be matched to a specially selected project that is suited to your skills and interests, enabling you to have the career break of a lifetime!

Click here to find out more about Kaya's career break projects



One of our amazing partners, Amanzi Travel are offering a fab prize of 3 whole weeks volunteering! It's in Malaysia and you could be volunteering to help conserve tigers and turtles. We'd totally enter this if we were allowed (we're not). But you can! Enter here: www.amanzitravel.com/competition



**EXCLUSIVE** Get a free 45-minute career break coaching session with the fantastic Katie Milton! She has offered this exclusively to readers of The Career Break Site and you just need to email miltonkatie@me.com. She's based in the US but can Skype anywhere. We have spoken to Katie at length and she really knows her stuff, so we recommend her if you need help with your career break plans.

£20 off a Levono tablet from Argos - only £99 (great deal if you don't mind bloatware!)

1,000 free credits for last-minute Indian hotel app Nightstay with code MONSOON1000. We know we have more Indian followers these days (hello!) but this is also useful for the thousands of backpackers travelling to India.

The Unique Travel Bucket List ebook is currently free on Kindle Unlimited and only 99p if you have to pay.

Norwegian (the budget airline of... go on, guess where) is offering cheap flights if you book before September 18 (you can travel on them until March next year). They go across Europe and to the US and start from £29. Cheap!



We've just added a couple of new partners to the site with some new ski and snowboard instructor courses, and TEFL teacher jobs!

Click here to see these, and the rest of our fab career breaks!



We get a lot of people coming to us saying they are not sure where to start with their career break search, and a fair number of partners approaching us with fantastic career breaks that didn't fit neatly into one of the categories on our old site.

So what did we do? Create a brand new section for those wanting something different and called it... er... "Something different"! Click here to see all our unusual career breaks, or find all organisations offering something different!



This months' guest post is How a ski instructor course can make you more employable. It's not just about a working as a ski instructor (although obviously that's a big part of it) - it's how a course can help you in any career.

Round-up of the month is The best career break and gap year websites (apart from our own of course). We know loads of people and organisations in this industry, and talk to them regularly. So we thought we'd share our favourites with you!

A ladies-only post is next! Chaps, ignore this. Ladies, if you've ever tried to sort yourself out in a filthy bus toilet while it lurches about all over the road, you already know what we're talking about. Click here to read the post on how to manage while you travel.

Finally, our interviewee this month is Joan Selby, a fascinating Californian woman who travelled to Ukraine to teach English. Read Joan's inspiring interview here.



We were quoted in this fab article on sabbaticals in the UAE. Even if you don't live in the Middle East, give it a read! It has some useful advice (from us, obvs) and some inspiring experiences!



The winners of the Bird Photographer of the Year competition have been announced and they are stunning! And we are super chuffed to tell you that long-time Career Break Site collaborator Sarah Longes received a commendation for her entry! Well done Sarah!



Really useful travel tips from Helen Anderson who's partnered with the Foreign Office to promote safe travel. We're partners too, which is how we found out about this!



Learning a bit of the local language will go really far when you travel - simply making the effort is appreciated, even if you're not very good! One of our favourite phrases to learn in another language is "I speak [language]" - handy if you think people are talking about you!

If you have a tip for us, email us or tweet us.



This used to be our favourite part of of the newsletter, but since the flurry of complaints, it's FRAUGHT with TENSION! Undeterred, we asked the boss's husband for a joke and he said:

Q: Why do Swedish battleships have barcodes on the side?

A: So they can Scandinavian!



We're featuring more and more real career breakers on the site now, sharing their inspiring stories to help other people do the same thing! If you think your story is worth sharing (hint: we guarantee it will be) and you'd like us to feature YOU, then get in touch!


Until next time,


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