29 January 2018


And a very Happy New Year to you!

We always get lots more new readers and visitors at this time of year, so if you are one of them, a very warm welcome and do let us know if we can help with your career break plans (just reply to this email if you have a question).

And to our regular readers, hello again, thank you for your continued support, and don't tell the newbies how crap the jokes are.

Today's New Year Special newsletter has new career breaks, freebies, advice, inspiration, and too many uses of the word "new". We also see the return of the Events section!

So put off going to the gym, grab yourself a cup of tea, and have a read!



You could be spending this summer doing the same old, same old - or you could be exploring the fantastically diverse, lively and mesmerizing country of Tanzania! What's more, you would be meeting new people on an incredible adventure, all while doing something worthwhile.

As a project manager for Raleigh International, you would lead a group of young people in Tanzania for 11 or 13 weeks this summer. Raleigh's vital work focuses on water, sanitation and hygiene, protecting vulnerable environments and developing young leaders. You'll be volunteering alongside community members in rural Tanzania, helping to create positive change in communities that need it most.

Tanzania is one of the most welcoming places on the planet and home to an incredible array of natural environments - you will be helping to preserve these and help its people for generations to come.

What are you waiting for? Click here to apply now!



Free 14-day course on how to take better travel pictures on your iPhone - comes with a free travel photo planner!

Free web app to help you find somewhere to stay - it's like couchsurfing only you can choose to stay with friends of friends and other community members.

Kindle Paperwhite for a cheap £69.99 with this code on Hot Deals UK.

Get 25p (possibly 50p by the time this goes out) off your daily cup of java from Pret, if you bring your own cup.

Free international calls to 150 countries - so your mum can phone you while you're on your career break!

Free eye test from Specsavers - we recommend getting your eyes checked before you go away, even if you don't wear glasses. And now, there's no excuse!

Win a trip to Japan - open to people in the UK only, sorry foreign readers!



This isn't actually a new section, but everything in it has been rejigged and updated, to make sure you can find the information you need without wading through the information you don't need! As well as tons of stuff on all aspects of careers, travel, money and travel health, we also have our stonkingly popular gap year organisations list in there too!

See all the career break guides here.



Fancy volunteering this summer and need to find out more? Go to one of Projects Abroad's information events - we've actually been to one of these and they're really useful if you've never volunteered before. There are various ones around England in February and March - all the details are here. Oh, and they're free!

Destinations London is on 1 - 4 February, and although it's geared more towards normal holidays rather than career breaks, it's still worth a visit (we've been and there's definitely enough to interest the most adventurous of travellers!). Also, we're mentioning them cos they sent us free tickets - thanks guys!



Cripes, but we've been busy on the blog this month!

The 10 most useful things you can learn this year is for you if you view January as the perfect time to improve yourself. With 10 different things, you're bound to find one that suits you.

How to get promoted without doing any real work is for you if you're sick of all the self-improvement stuff that pervades January. Perfect for lazy people who want more money (which is...er... most of us), this post has tips that actually work!

One man, a thousand girls - working at an American summer camp is our guest post this month. You might think Sam (who wrote it) is brave or stupid for wanting to work at an all-girls' camp, but give it a read and you might be surprised!

Why are you paying to volunteer? answers that exact question. We (and our volunteering partners) get asked this a lot, and we've written about it before, but this is by far the most comprehensive post we've ever done on it. If you still have any questions about volunteering abroad, reply to this email and we'll answer (and might even use your question as the basis for a future blog post!).


We've also started updating some of our older posts. Ones we've recently updated are:

Interview with Heilwig Jones, founder of Kaya Responsible Travel

The worst thing that happened on my career break (trigger warning: illness)

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Top ten tips for a successful career break

5 minor irritations you can leave behind on a career break

2 things to skimp on and 2 things to splurge on while travelling (micropost)




Dronestagram (yeah, we know) has a round-up of the best drone photographs of 2017. They are really something special and you can see them all here.



18 best destinations for 2018 by the Vagabrothers- the excellent content in this round-up makes up for the terrible facial hair. Well, almost.



Pack a multitool with scissors, bottle-opener, pliers, screwdrivers etc - they will get you out of all kinds of pickles, from fixing your glasses to mending a zip. Plus, being the useful person is a great way to make friends (or hook up...).

If you have a tip for us, email us or tweet us.



Thank you to the lovely lady who emailed us recently asking "I am a professional massage therapist and acupuncturist with 15 years experience in UK. Would like to travel and work in Australia.  I am 41 years old.  Can I still do it ?"

Working holiday visas are only available if you're 30 or under, so 41-year-olds who want to work in Australia have to use one of the other visa programmes, such as being sponsored by an employer, being a doctor, using a business visa, or by having a skill that's in demand. The Australian government website can give you more information.

If you've got a question, get in touch! We never reveal your name (unless you want us to!)



Robin: I can't get the Batmobile started.

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