21 June 2018


Welcome to our June newsletter! We hope it finds you well, and with the right amount of World Cup chatter for your ears, whether that's loads or none (if the latter, don't worry, there's only one more mention of it in here!).

We're very excited about today's newsletter! There's a ton of competitions for you, our usual round-up of freebies, our most unusual career breaks, stacks of new stuff on the blog, and the usual photos, video, tip, message of the month, and the reliably not-very-funny joke.

So take a pause from slathering yourself in suncream / waterproof makeup / chip fat, grab yourself a frappe-whatsit, and get stuck in!



Awesome competition where you can win 4 months free accommodation in the city of your choice! I don't think we've ever had a competition with this much free accommodation before! It's run by SpotaHome and big thanks to them for giving us the heads-up.

Win a week in the Bahamas - it's one of those competitions where you sign up to a newsletter then share to get more entries.

Win a £50 TUI gift card by sharing your photos of street food on the Jake and Nayn's Facebook page

The EU are giving away tons of free Interrail passes to teenagers - you can find out more on their Facebook page

3 months free music from Amazon or Google or Deezer (with Amazon you have to be a Three customer)

Free European Health Insurance Card - yes, we know we've featured it before but it's so useful and you won't get many more chances to use it!

Free bike check at Halfords - useful if you're planning to cycle on your way around the world

5G free cloud storage with Sync

Free app to help you beat jetlag - we haven't tried this (frankly, nothing keeps us from the land of nod) but if you do, please tell us!

Free app to help you book business travel - but we don't see why it wouldn't work for career breakers too

Free World Cup wallchart - yeah yeah, we know it's nothing to do with career breaks, but we also know that you're probably reading this at work where... er... you might have access to an A3 printer (wink wink)



One of our favourite new sections on the site is Something different. We'd been asked by some advertisers about it before - when they offer something a bit unusual and don't fit into our other categories very well. We also found that a lot of career breakers are looking to do something out of the ordinary!

All our projects in Something different have something special about them - whether that's an unusual course or volunteer project, an internship in something you wouldn't expect, an unusually long placement, or simply a unique combination of career break activities.

You can see all our partner organisations offering Something different here



Oooh, we've been busy on the blog this month and are excited about these shiny new posts!

Why you are an idiot to wait for the right time is a thought piece inspired by a quote that the Talented Ladies Club tweeted. Give it a read and see where it gets you.

Top free ebooks and guides to help you plan and organise your career break - this is a big round-up of loads of super-useful travel guides, which have been specially chosen for how relevant they are to the average career breaker. We loved putting this together, there was so much cool stuff to choose from!

How a career break will increase your sex appeal is a fun post and an absolute must-read for anyone lacking in self-confidence. As you can imagine, the search for pictures to put in brightened up the office no end.


And we've updated the following posts for you as well:

I want a career break but I don't know what to do - helping you figure out a career break that's the perfect fit for you.

Words and phrases that are banned at The Career Break Site - all the terms that get on our nerves, plus an invitation to share your "favourites"!

Earn as you travel - all you need to know about yacht crew jobs - a post from one of our approved partners Flying Fish.

7 career break rules you can break - some of these will surprise you! And hopefully help you have a better trip.

Should you borrow money for your career break? Gives several scenarios where you might consider doing just that, and the reasons for and against it.


We're always looking for real career breakers, travellers, industry experts and bloggers to share their stories on our blog. If you want to be famous and featured, drop us an email. We accept anonymous submissions too.



Something different today - the Monochrome Photo awards. You can see the past winners in the gallery, and you can even enter yourself, but hurry because it closes soon.



This is a fun little video - 35 travel hacks that will save you money. They won't actually but some of them are really useful. Not sure about the nappy one though!



If you're going to the beach, pack a travel size thing of talc. Dust it on your sandy bits at home time to help you get the sand off and avoid tracking into your hostel room and annoying everyone. (Talc is brilliant for sweaty feet too!).

 If you have a tip for us, email us or tweet us.



Crikey, sifting through the spam and GDPR nonsense is getting harder and harder every week! Anyway, we did turn up this little gem:

"I want to teach English abroad, do I really need to do a TEFL course?"

The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is yes, if you want to get a qualification that's internationally recognised, will get you work in a decent school, and with all the support you will need when arriving for work in a new country (where you may not speak the language). A formal qualification will also help you get more work after your initial contract has finished. Your TEFL course provider will usually help you find a job, and some even guarantee it! Courses are not expensive, and you can do them online, at weekends or even abroad. All our TEFL course providers can be found here.

If you've got a question, feedback or just want to share your opinion on which way round the toilet paper should be hung, get in touch! We never reveal your name (unless you want us to!)



This was told to us by a lady on the bus.

A man locked himself out of his house one day. He saw his cat through the window and asked it to let him in.

The cat replied: "Me? 'Ow?"



We've started being a bit more regular with our social media postings (and not before time, you might be thinking!). On Monday, we join in with the popular Twitter hashtag #MondayMotivation and we also post whichever quote and inspirational picture we've found to Facebook. Friday we do a caption competition on Facebook and lots of people are joining in with that now - so head on over to our Facebook page if you'd like to have a go too!


Until next time,


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