2 March 2017


Drumroll please....

THE NEW SITE IS LIVE!!! Have a look here: www.thecareerbreaksite.com

It's now much easier to find the career breaks you're looking for, and we've added new sections like internships and something different. We also tidied up the career break guides and added loads of subsections to the volunteer pages. The destinations section is now a lot easier to use and... well, we could go on but we're knackered after all that so we won't.

Except to say a huge thanks to our web development team for working so hard on rebuilding the site, and all our advertisers and partners who put a lot of work into updating their listings - and adding lots of lovely new pictures!

We're going to carry on working on the site, adding bits and improving the experience for you, so if you've got any suggestions - or if you want to contribute - let us know!



Want to explore a country like no other whilst gaining valuable work experience? Our new approved partner Teach English in China can help with that! They specialise in arranging long- and short-term teaching placements in various locations across China for students and graduates.

With a Long-term Teaching Placement, a Summer Internship and a Homestay Programme on offer, you could spend as little as 2 weeks - or as long as 12 months - discovering this increasingly important country and gaining a true insight into local culture. Whether you are looking for an exciting graduate opportunity, a break from your career, or a meaningful way to spend a summer, look no further.

For more information and to apply, visit http://teach-english-in-china.co.uk/programmes/



Two months of Google Play absolutely free - perfect for music on the road!

Free cloud storage - useful for backing up your photos and CV.

Free ebook on how to find a job from Bubble Jobs.

Free AVG download for your Android phone - some virus protection for you!

Virgin Trains East Coast tickets from just £5 for this weekend - cheaper than one of their horrible sandwiches!



We've added lots of lovely new career breaks to the site recently, and absolutely everything has been updated! You can see all our fab career breaks here.



Over the coming months, we'll be highlighting some new features and sections on the site, so you don't miss anything. This month, we'd like to show you our new page full of career break organisations - each one checked and approved by the strictest vetting process in the industry! So you can be assured you're dealing with a reputable company.




How the hell can you afford a career break? answers one of the most common questions we get asked. Loads of useful info about how to make it work financially.

How to avoid the top 5 sabbatical mistakes will help you make the most of a sabbatical and minimise your worries.

Nicked infographic this month is How to make difficult decisions. We know that for some of you, making decisions around your career break is really difficult, so hopefully this will help.

And in case you haven't read it yet, our guest post from uber career breaker Pete Martin is an amazing piece. Called Why you shouldn't be afraid to quit your job to travel, it draw's on Pete's own extraordinary experiences to bring you an inspirational tale.



The winners and shortlist for the 2017 Sony photo contest have been announced and the photos are truly stunning!



We were interviewed for this excellent article on career breaks for Materials World magazine. It's on the pros and cons of a career break, quotes our MD and founder Rachel, and mentions our site in the first line! Thanks Materials World!

We were also quoted in this piece on sabbaticals for Direct Travel Insurance - lots of great tips in there!



Men - be mindful of the way you dress when travelling in another country. It's not just women who have to think about what they wear! Being respectful will also help you blend in so you're less likely to get harassed, scammed or even robbed.

This tip is from Bemused Backpacker's blog post on manly safety tips - just for you chaps! Read it here.

If you have a tip for us, email us or tweet us.



We had a lovely Welsh lady phone us this month. She initially asked if she could work for a month in Australia or New Zealand. The short answer is usually no - the working holiday visas which are available to people under 30 are designed for people who are looking to work in temporary jobs there (around 3 months each) for up to a year (2 in some circumstances).

She then asked us about sabbaticals, and her various options for working and volunteering abroad. As well as directing her to the options on our website, we told her to have a sniff around the blog for help asking for a sabbatical. We hope she finds both inspiration and advice she can use.

Thanks Welsh lady, and please do get back in touch once you've got your plans in place to let us know what you're up to! We love hearing from career breakers.

If you've got a question, get in touch! We never reveal your name (unless you want us to!)



You may or may not know that we are based in Manchester, so this has been a bit of a rough week or so for us. We'd like to thank you for your messages of support, it really does make a difference. If you'd like to donate to the victims, you can do so here.



I'm about to have a cup of dangerous coffee. Safe tea first though.

Via BadJokeCat



Now we've relaunched the site, we're working on improving and expanding it, and adding heaps more stuff. If you have any ideas for what you'd like to see - or even if you want to work or partner with us, get in touch!


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