26 October 2017


With Halloween just around the corner, we have been busy stocking up sweets for the trick-or-treaters and carving the office pumpkin into something hideous and orange (Donald Trumpkin) to scare the local kids. But we've found time to bring you this fine newsletter, complete with new career breaks, blog posts, tips, inspiration and the (still complained-about) joke. We also have the return of "Useful thing of the month" because it's... er... useful; and changed "Question of the month" to something new and more appropriate (you'll see when you get there).

So fetch yourself a pumpkin spice latte, slip into some comfy slippers, and have a read!



Kidogo Adventure is an organisation specialising in volunteer placements in Kenya. The projects are all child-focused and are in baby homes, orphanages and schools.

Placements are short-term (1 to 6 weeks) so they're ideal for you if you'd like to try out volunteering without a long-term commitment. A range of activities and short trips (eg to animal sanctuaries) are included in your placement fee, plus you get to go on safari!

Kidogo Adventure tailors each trip around your personal preferences and experience, to ensure the project benefits as much as possible from your time. They also organise all aspects of your stay to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

Click here to find out more.



A day hiking backpack for just 79p! From Decathlon.

Free ebook on how to make a powerful first impression - useful if you're planning a job interview when you get back, or if you just suck at meeting new people.

Free Dr Shea body butter sample - not just for the ladies either - this stuff is brilliant if you're in sun, snow or desert.

Cotswold Outdoor have a load of offers on at the moment, 40% off, 70% off clearance stuff, and 3 for 2.

Love my skin are doing another Twitter giveaway for a free clear skin travel pen - just follow and retweet for a chance to win.

Google Trips is a free app that organises your travel and obvs integrates with your other Google apps like Gmail. Dunno why we haven't featured this before TBH - maybe because we like our privacy!

Free travel planning ebook from MapTrotting - really useful guide if you've never taken a big trip before. Or even if you have, there's always something new to learn!



We've added some new career breaks and updated a ton of others, including some work abroad programmes, exciting short- and long-term volunteering placements, and some ski and snowboard courses.

Click here to see these, and the rest of our fab career breaks!



Last month, we told you how we have new sections for the different kinds of volunteering placements we have on our site. Well, we also have new sections for the different places you can volunteer! At the moment, it's just the most popular ones that have their own pages, but we'll be expanding this over the coming months.

Volunteer in Africa

Volunteer in Asia

Volunteer in Central and South America

Volunteer in Europe

If none of those float your proverbial boat, you can see all our volunteering projects here - they are all over the world!



We've gone infographic crazy this month! We know that money is a big issue for most of you, so we thought we'd help you out by making easy and useful savings plans.

Yearly savings plans show how much you can save in one or 2 years, by putting a bit by every day or every week.

We made 3 different 6-month savings plans which show you how much you can save depending on how much you (afford to) put away each month.

Finally, there is How to save £1,000 in 3 months - in 3 different ways depending on what suits your personal saving style, and what will be easiest for you.

And we even rounded up all these 10 incredibly useful savings plans into a blog post called... er... 10 incredibly useful savings plans!

Each infographic has an embed code too, which means you can nick it and and post it on your own blog! Please go ahead and share them, and if you use one, let us know how you get on!



One of our favourite photo competitions - The Wildlife Photographer of the Year -  has announced its winners. The link takes you to the winning photos and shortlisted entries but **WARNING** they are not all jolly.



When choosing your backpack or daysack, pick something with lots of pockets. Inside zipped pockets make it harder to nick your stuff, and pockets on the outside make it easier to find your toilet paper / snacks / alcohol at 3 in the morning.

If you have a tip for us, email us or tweet us.



This used to be question of the month but as we now get general feedback and messages about what you lot are up to, we've changed it so we can showcase some of your wonderful words of wisdom!

Today's message is from a lady who got in touch through our Facebook page to tell us about her plans. She gave us permission to share her words with you.

"I am about to take some time out from work on a career break of my own. I've always had busy and demanding jobs and have been feeling increasingly like I'm not getting the work life balance that I want, and that there must be a different ways of making a living! I love travel and feel there are so many places I haven't seen yet so I expect to do some trips. Love reading your articles and getting inspiration from your posts! Thanks!"

Thanks for the kind and inspiring words, and we look forward to hearing your updates!

If you'd like to share your words, get in touch through Facebook or Twitter, or reply to this email. Please note: we're a small team and get an awful lot of nonsense messages, so please bear with us if it takes us a while to find and reply to yours!



Savvy Woman's perennially useful article Your rights if an airline goes bust has been updated to include the unfortunate shambles that is Monarch Airlines collapsing. Give it a read and share with friends and family if you've been affected.



What's a foot long and slippery?

A slipper.



We have got a lot of new subscribers lately and we'd just like to say hello and thank you for signing up. If you've got any feedback or you want to ask a question (in total confidence), just reply to this newsletter - it goes to a real person!

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