25 October 2018


How are things in your world today? Here at The Career Break Site, we've been dressing up in hideous clothes and putting scary pictures all over the walls - but that's just a normal week for us.

Whether you're dreading Halloween and the accompanying trick-or-treaters hammering at your door, or you're quite looking forward to it, we are here for you with stuff that has nothing to do with strange autumnal festivals. Instead, we've got tons of stuff to inspire your travels and the usual shedload of useful advice too! There's our free and cheap stuff section, new stuff on the site, pictures, videos, tips and a message from a relative requesting inside information. We're also excited by the return of "Useful thing of the month" and the fact that this month's joke is actually funny.

So put down that vial of fake blood (it IS fake, isn't it?), leave your pumpkin carving alone for a bit, and get stuck in!



Looking to explore a country of festivals, fascinating culture and a foodie’s paradise, all while doing something worthwhile? Raleigh International have a new opportunity in spring 2019 to volunteer as a Logistics Coordinator on a Raleigh Expedition in Nepal.

Operating from their field base in Kathmandu, you’ll be the brains behind the expedition, enabling the smooth running of the projects. A background in logistics is not necessary - you just need to be highly motivated with good organisational and teamwork skills. You’ll have the opportunity to visit water, sanitation and hygiene projects, in rural communities that need them most.

“Working in logistics is a challenging and demanding role, but at the same time thoroughly rewarding. If you think logistics sounds like you, then my only advice would be to go for it; if you’re anything like me, you won’t have any regrets.” Louise, Raleigh Expedition Logistics Coordinator

Interested in finding out more? Contact Miguel at internationalresources@raleighinternational.org or head to the Raleigh website now.



Matrix Travel Companion is a free app to get you travel discounts (iOS only).

Free app to help your commute if you travel (or want to travel) by bike and train. Helps you park or take your bike by telling you what facilities are where. Handy!

Free guide to teaching English in Vietnam from Premier TEFL.

Free tool to budget your year out. Get it from The Sabbatical Guide when you sign up to their newsletter.

A travel guide app for what they irritatingly call The New East - by which they mean Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Converse are having a sale on in case you want some cool shoes for travelling - use code EXTRA20 for more money off.

Regatta are having a big sale on as well - up to 50% off some of their travel gear.

Get free Google Play credits when you give up even more of your privacy... er... we mean do surveys.



We're carrying on our theme of showcasing all our lovely destinations pages. This month, we're looking at Africa - one of the most popular destinations for volunteering when you're on a career break! Much more diverse (and much bigger) than most people imagine, there's an enormous range of volunteer projects there. While conservation, working with children and community development are still big, there are also opportunities in business, marketing, law, medicine and all kinds of fields that you wouldn't normally expect to be able to get into as a volunteer! And if that's not your thing, it's a wonderful place to travel, and you can even do a field guide or game ranger course if you fancy learning something new.

Visit our Africa page here.



Oooh, but it's been a quiet month on the blog as our entire writing team (the word "team" being a rather generous way of describing it) is working on our forthcoming book. Which we will be banging on about significantly in this newsletter until it's published.

Our only post this month is on the slightly controversial subject of selfie culture - it's an abridged version of a series of posts written by a travel expert in the Philippines (the selfie capital of the world, apparently). Give it a read and see what you think!


We're always looking for real career breakers, travellers, industry experts and bloggers to share their stories on our blog. If you want to be famous and featured, drop us an email. We accept anonymous submissions too.



The winners of the first Photobox Instagram Photography Awards have been announced. We're keeping our opinions to ourselves on this one but we'd be interested to hear what you think - tell us on Twitter or Facebook, or just hit reply to this email and share your thoughts!




This video from UnJaded Jade - an 18-year-old about to go on her gap year - is a bit different from the stuff we normally feature as it's a pre-travel video. It shows her going on her errands, talking about how nervous she is and stuff.



Just Delete Me helps you delete your account from various web services you forgot you signed up to - and shows you how difficult each one is.





If you're putting your stuff in a storage facility while you go on your career break, remember that it will need to be insured. The storage place will normally have their own insurance you can pay for, but if you're keeping your home insurance, they may well cover the storage facility too, which will save you money.

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A relative emailed one of us this month - when you read their message, you'll see why. We edited the message for privacy, obvs.

"[Name of friend] is planning to go to Nepal with a company called [name of company]. Have you heard of them? Are they any good?"

We quite often get enquiries from friends or family along the same topic - they know we know everyone in the industry so they figure they can use their connection to get inside information! Which we give out freely, to you as well. We have an approved list (everyone on our site is approved and the list will be published with the book early next year). Most of us at The Career Break site know all the companies who are and aren't on it. So if you want to check a company, just ask us!


If you've got a question, feedback or just want to share your opinion on pineapple on pizza, get in touch! We never reveal your name (unless you want us to!)



Me: You said dress for the job you want

Boss: Give me back my clothes

Nicked from Llama in a Tux on Twitter.




The book - did we mention the book? If you are from a gap year company (or any travel-related company in fact) and want to be listed in our directory, please fill in this form. Chances are we already know who you are but that will just give us a bit of extra info.

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