30 June 2015

If you follow us on Twitter, you'll know that we share a lot of content from other people's travel blogs. There are loads out there so we rounded up a few of our favourites.

Our favourite travel blogs

Bemused Backpacker

The Bemused Backpacker is run by Mike Huxley, who manages to combine travel, writing books and maintaining his blog with a full-time job! He's a nurse (we're biased, we love nurses) and combines his professional background and travel experiences to provide useful information on travel health, amongst other subjects.

Why we love it

It's so accessible! Mike ensures everything he writes is easy to digest, which makes his blog a pleasure to read.


Gap Year Southeast Asia

Run by Anna, a 25-year-old German student, this blog has information on studying, internships and travel in this enchanting part of the world. The blog is quite wide-ranging, including interviews, advice, links to further information and lots of great pictures too.

Why we love it

It's so niche that it's an invaluable source of information for career breakers looking to travel to Southeast Asia.


Solo Travel

This blog contains, as you might have guessed, information and tips for people travelling alone. It's mostly destination guides (both cities and countries) but there are a few posts on related topics, like gay and budget travel.

Why we love it

Most career breakers travel alone so this blog is really helpful.


Soothed in the city

Run by the excellent Paula Gardner, the Soothed in the City blog is part of her site about serene and restful travel. It has interviews, guest posts and event information as well as thoughts and advice from Paula herself.

Why we love it

Just looking at this blog immediately makes us all relaxed! It's a refreshing change from the hectic feel of a lot of travel blogs.


The Travel Hack

Run by British full-time travel blogger Monica Stott, the Travel Hack focuses on getting the most out of your travel budget - travelling well but affordably. There are lots of travel guides and tips, and she's recently started blogging about travel with a baby as well (on account of recently acquiring one!).

Why we love it

As well as her own content, Monica shares a lot of other interesting stuff in her weekend round-ups so there's always something new to read.


A Beautiful View

This American TEFL teacher blogs about lifestyle as well as travel. She combines experience pieces with advice articles, and takes great photos, and the layout of the blog is modern and inspiring.

Why we love it

Morgan, who runs A Beautiful View, is opinionated, and we mean that in a good way. We love to read pieces that make us nod vigourously in agreement - or shake our fist!


Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Despite the slightly irritating name, this is a fantastic travel blog. It's run by a Slovak who seems to have been everywhere, and loves talking about it! Alexandra Kovacova (the CSF traveler) focuses mainly on her experiences of doing exciting things around the world, but also uses these to help others plan their trips and find cool things to do.

Why we love it

Alex's enthusiasm is infectious and she's really likeable.


5 Dollar Traveller

This wide-ranging blog includes podcasts from Tommo and Megsy who are digital nomads. They provide a lot of useful tips on how to do it yourself, from budget travelling to earning as you travel. They have a lot of affiliate marketing on their site with discounts for visitors.

Why we love it

Their homepage is kind of shambolic, but in an appealing way - it's so stuffed full of things it gets you excited by possibilities!



We interviewed Ruth, the Exploramum, for our blog a while ago. She is a single mum from Australia who travels the world with her 10-year-old son, with more attitude than money! As well as blogging about their travels, she shares tips on the things that make it work for them, like travelling with a kid and housesitting.

Why we love it

It's a toss-up between the fact they spend their time and money doing random acts of kindness for strangers, and the fact that Ruth is so unconventional, particularly in how she is raising her kid.


Sand in my Suitcase

Run by a pair of Canadian lawyers-turned-writer-photographers, Sand in my Suitcase is a blog that combines luxury travel with adventure. It's a bit different from the budget travel and backpacking stuff we normally feature, but we figure all career breakers need a bit of pampering from time to time!

Why we love it

They promote responsible travel so you can enjoy your luxury with a clear conscience.


Mapping Megan

One of the most popular travel blogs out there, Megan (and her husband Mike) are adrenaline junkies who post lots of useful adventure travel information. As well as advice, they produce handy travel guides and their posts are stuffed with lovely photos. They do a lot of video content too.

Why we love it

Megan really seems to care about other people's experiences - and spends a lot of time answering questions and responding to comments.


Good and bad Japan

Carl is a middle-aged English teacher in Japan, and shares his experiences (good and bad, as you might have guessed) on his blog. This is much more of a personal blog than most of the others we've featured - Carl shares his thoughts, stories and sometimes simply an interesting picture.

Why we love it

He's a great storyteller! And through his stories you can find out all sorts of interesting things about Japanese life and culture.


So, those are some of our favourite travel blogs. Did we get it right? Did we miss yours, or one of your favourites? Tweet us and if we like it, we'll put it in the next round-up!