25 September 2018


Oooh, it's feeling proper autumnal now isn't it? We get a bit busier this time of year as the "back to school / work / jail" vibe means more people start thinking about a career break. If you're one of them and you want some guidance, drop us an email (or just reply to this one) and we'll do our best to help you.

We've got a jam-packed newsletter for you this month, with all our usual sections full of lovely fresh things to click on. There's a load of new blog posts, tons of free stuff and discounts, some advice, a very vague enquiry, and the remarkably tenacious joke.

So grab yourself a vegan bonfire latte (yes, that is a real thing), settle back into your chair, and have a read.



BUNAC are experts in making American dreams come true on their Summer Camp USA programme. Did you know they offer the cheapest flights-included programme in the UK?

There are loads of jobs available on Summer Camp USA. Whether you specialise in an activity like swimming, tennis or horse-riding, or are more of an all-round superstar with lots of childcare experience, you’ll be sure to find an amazing role that suits you to a T. In fact, BUNAC are so confident that they can find you a great job at Summer Camp USA, that if you don't get placed they'll give you your money back

Sounds good, right? Click here to find out more, and to apply.



Get £10 free travel money when you put £50 on a WeSwap currency exchange card

Free USA travel planner - you can choose from the digital or old school paper version

Get a free eye test at Specsavers - only valid until the end of September so hurry!

Free app to track your laptop, tablet or phone if it gets nicked (paid plans also available)

Travello is a free app to help you make friends while you're travelling - (iOS and Android)

Free travel planning ebook from E&T Abroad

Go Outdoors are having a sale with a max 86% discount on some stuff, both online and in store

The Gap Year Travel Store has lots of stuff in its September sale, including very useful things for career breakers

Save 20% on this horse-riding and volunteer experience in South Africa - you can choose from 2 to 4 weeks

Win a £5,000 trip to Europe for 2 with MyOffers

Win a trip to Thailand - competition is run by Thai Airways

Loads of prizes available in the National Geographic Reader awards - closes September 30th so get cracking!



We love our new tidy destinations section because it tells you what kinds of career breaks you can do in each region, and they're not always the ones you might think!

This month, we're showcasing Europe. There are a lot of ski and snowboard courses available in Europe of course (sign up now if you want to train and work this winter BTW) but there are also other work options, plus a few volunteering projects. It's all a bit up in the air for us poor old Brits at the moment of course, so if you're keen to take a European career break, it'll be easier now rather than later!

See all our organisations who can help you with a European career break here.



I want a career break - but where do I start? This post was inspired by so many of you, who come to us wanting a career break but having no idea what to do first! Hopefully this will help you take the first step (spoiler: and it's not what you think!).

Back from sabbatical - now what? This is a guest post from our new friends over at Everyday Sabbatical. We write a lot about what to do before you go on a career break, but not much about what happens when you come back, so this article plugs that gap nicely!

10 easy ways you can be a more responsible traveller came out of a Twitter conversation with Sister Sister Travels. We know that some (well, a lot) of you have so much to do you feel you can't think about your carbon footprint or can't fully commit to reusable products, and this post is for you. It's how to be responsible without too much effort (and have a better overall travelling experience too!).


We're always looking for real career breakers, travellers, industry experts and bloggers to share their stories on our blog. If you want to be famous and featured, drop us an email. We accept anonymous submissions too.




Top tips on planning your perfect career break is an article by ClaimScore (an insurance broker) which features an interview with our founder and MD Rachel. She talks about career break trends - who is taking career breaks and where they're going - and also gives advice for people planning their career break.



The finalists for the Comedy Wildlife Awards have just been announced and there are some absolute crackers this year. Make sure your boss is out of the room before you click the link in case they wonder what you're laughing at!



The 10 biggest travel mistakes NOT to make is a very useful vlog by seasoned traveller Monica Church - she hopes that by sharing her biggest mistakes, you'll avoid the same ones!



Our colleague, who went away last week, leaned across the office (slightly too close if truth be told) and shared the following tip:

"Always, always have a second means of payment. My card glitched in a shop, for no reason at all. I didn't have any other credit or debit cards, I only had a fiver which I immediately spent on novelty pencils, before realising I needed some petrol. Fortunately my card worked again at the petrol station but I would have been in trouble if it hadn't!"

Wise words indeed, and we'd also add: have different forms of money (eg cash, cards, travellers' cheques if you want to be old school), just in case.

 If you have a tip for us, email us or tweet us.



"I'm looking into taking a career break next year for 1 year.  I'm currently working as a IT Project Manager and I also have an English language degree.

Would you be able to provide me with some ideas suited to my current skills and background? I'm open to travelling to different countries and getting involved in volunteering projects and also working with and teaching children."

That's the kind of broad enquiry we like to get, as it gives us lots of scope! If you've got a year, that gives you two basic options. Firstly, you could do a professional volunteering placement for the whole year, where you could use your skills and qualifications (you normally need a degree plus several years' experience in your field to do these). You will get your expenses covered (including flights) if you do this and normally a small allowance as well. So it's an option if you really want to get stuck into a a project, don't have a lot of money, and/or have a particular country in mind.

The second option is to do several things throughout the year, though you will have to pay for these placements (although you should still be able to find ones where you can use your skills). With a year, you could do blocks of 3 or 4 months, or you could do 3 months volunteering, one month travelling, and so on. This is better if you want to see a lot of places and try out different volunteering projects, or simply have a bit more time to travel.

We hope our enquirer gets back in touch with her decision and lets us know how she gets on!

If you've got a question, feedback or just want to share your opinion on which way round the toilet paper should be hung, get in touch! We never reveal your name (unless you want us to!)



I wondered why the ball was getting bigger.

Then it hit me.



Have we mentioned we're writing a BOOK? It's going to be the biggest book on career breaks with tons and tons of stuff that you won't find anywhere else, even on our site. What we do need is YOU - so if you'd like to be featured as a case study, or you have top tips to share, or even just want to have your pictures published, drop us a line! You'll get a free copy if you're in it, obvs - plus you'll be famous! Just reply to this email if you want to get involved.


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