25 July 2018

There are lots of apps that can help you have a better trip. Here we've rounded up all the best ones and organised them for your delectation and delight - and we've even told you which platform each is available for. Enjoy, and if you've got any to add, tweet us a link to it (or Facebook it if you're old school).

Travel planning

Tripcase was voted the most useful travel planning app by Lifehacker and is super popular. iOS and Android

Tripit is also super popular and sorts your itinerary out. iOS and Android

Google Trips organises your travel and integrates with your other Google apps like Gmail - it will give you zero privacy though. iOS and Android

Networking and sharing

Tourlina is for solo female travellers, allowing you to find and meet like-minded women. iOS and Android

Horizon helps you find somewhere to stay - it's like couchsurfing only you can choose to stay with friends of friends and other community members. Web only

Trips by Lonely Planet is for sharing your experiences and photos. iOS and Android


Hopper is one of many apps to help you buy a cheap ticket but it differs in that it sends you push notifications when the price drops. iOS and Android

Filo is an airport app that covers pretty much everything you need in an airport (apart from stylish chairs). iOS and Android

FlyTime helps you work out the total travel time for your trip. iOS only

Loungebuddy helps you get into a nice airport lounge so you can wait in comfort. iOS and Android

Public transport

Moovit gives you live public transport info, in the UK and a number of other countries. Very highly rated. iOS and Android

Citymapper is a public transport app that covers 39 cities around the world. iOS and Android

Gopili finds you cheap bus, train and plane tickets across the UK and Europe. iOS and Android


My Wowo - audio guides to tourist attractions in various cities around the world (warning: site starts playing music automatically). iOS and Android

Triposo is a huge travel guide with an offline mode too. iOS and Android

City maps 2 go helps you find your way around a new city, and share your discoveries. iOS and Android

Travel safety

Umbrella is a free travel safety app which was designed for travel to high-risk areas but can be used by anyone. Android only

Staysafe was designed for lone workers but works for travellers too, alarting your contacts if you don't check in when you say you will. iOS and Android

Fonetrac is a travel safety app that doubles as a medical security app. It's subscription based. iOS and Android


Lightroom by Adobe is the photo app recommended by Career Break Site colleague and award-winning photographer Mirador Design. iOS and Android

Pixlr is also a Career Break Site favourite because it's so easy to use. iOS, Android and web

Canva is a super popular photo editing app. iOS and Android


FairFX have an app that helps you manage your money properly, at home and abroad - plus, the company is approved by us! iOS and Android

Chip helps you save money easily and without trying too much. Perfect if you're saving for a big trip! iOS and Android

XE is the least sexy but most useful currency converter app. iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Slack, Alexa, Google Assistant


Astro manages your email and calendar so you don't get overwhelmed with boring stuff while you're on your trip! iOS, Android, Mac, Slack and Alexa

Packpoint is a smart packing app which helps takes into account weather, type of trip, length of stay, etc. iOS and Android

Voice and text translator Lots of languages covered, mostly European and Asian, plus Arabic. iOS only

Duolingo teaches you another language of your choice - very popular. iOS and Android


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