17 August 2018

We asked our community on Facebook and Twitter what they wish they knew before they went travelling. And here's what they said!

"That one-way tickets have restrictions."

Several people mentioned this, including Carly in her interview with us. In most places, you need to have proof of onward travel which usually means a return ticket or a RTW ticket - or other ticket out of the country you're flying to. Different places and airlines enforce this differently but you can be refused boarding or entry if you don't have a ticket out of the country.


"That the other mother I was travelling with was an alcoholic."

Elena Morgan on Facebook. She gave no further details! Unfortunately, it does sometimes happen that you end up being incompatible with the people you're travelling with, whether you set off from home with them or you hook up with them along the way. Make sure you know - I mean really know, the people you're planning to go away with!


"To buy just one travel adaptor and take a UK multi-gang cable extension from Poundland."

Mark Hillen on Facebook. We didn't know what he meant by a "multi-gang cable extension" - it's one of those flat ones with multiple plug sockets but you just plug one end into the wall. A great tip from Mark - thanks!


"Things WILL go wrong and that's OKAY!... It doesn't have to be the end of the trip, or the world! JUST go with it!"

Spud on the Run on Twitter, who also shared with us this great post on staying positive while travelling.


“People are the same wherever you are. People are generally awesome so don’t be afraid to talk!”

Hayley Cox on Facebook, who credits her friend Lou with giving her this tip. Who is right!


"Use a rebreather (and get trained on how to use it) if you want to do underwater photography or videography. They create fewer bubbles and you can stay down longer."

This tip came from our intrepid (and soggy) colleague Sarah at Mirador Design. She does a lot of photography, both in and out of the water and gave us this tip during a conversation on Twitter. It doesn't apply to that many people obvs, but if you're serious about travel photography, it pays to be properly prepared!


You have to carry everything you pack and you can buy things as you go along, you don't need to pack a months worth of shampoo.

Anita Williams on Facebook. Remembering that you have to carry everything is a vital tip - and also remember that you might have to lift your bag over your head to put it in a luggage rack, etc. Or carry it up and down the stairs. However, while it's true you can buy things as you go along, you can't always get everything.


It’ll cost more than you expect but it will be worth it!

Someone on Twitter who prefers to remain anonymous. We agree with the "it will be worth it part", definitely, but it won't necessarily cost more than you expect, particularly if you budget properly.


When something goes wrong (and it invariably will), it's not the end of the world. More often than not, it turns into a good story when you come home!

This one from our own correspondent. Things going wrong are part and parcel of travel, and it generally all works out OK.


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