7 February 2018

1. Eritrea

Telly is hard to avoid these days - in Singapore they even have it on the bus! But Eritrea (in Western Africa) has the fewest number of TVs in the world, and presumably not many fat kids either. There are just 0.02 televisions per person, and 0.02 of a telly probably doesn't work that well anyway.

2. Moldova

Surprisingly, the place with the highest alcohol consumption isn't your local Wetherspoon's, it's Moldova. So even someone does start talking to you about the royal wedding, you probably won't remember.

Table with beer and wine

In our office, this is known as 'a mid-morning snack'

3. North Korea

Well, good luck getting a visa, only 1,500 Westerners do each year. And some of those will be sensible people on business trips, not just people on a jolly like you and me. You'll be accompanied by a guide at all times and not allowed to talk to anyone else, so chances for conversation are minimal.

4. Myanmar

This military-junta-controlled nation has the lowest number of internet users in the world (just 0.08%, compared to the UK's 66%). And the access is strictly controlled, so you won't be able to access Western news sites, information on democracy, or your email account.

Monks in Burma

At least they've never heard had to endure half-arsed Twitter trolling

5. Burundi

This petite African nation is the poorest in the world. The average GDP is a piffling $103 (yes, people are expected to live on that amount for a YEAR). So the thought of an overly extravagant wedding, paid for by poorer people, probably won't go down very well.

6. Chad

The current holder of 'lowest newspaper circulation' is Chad, with a paltry 0.01% of the population getting their paws on tomorrow's recycling. So not much chance of you enduring "clever" headlines next to pictures of posh people you don't know.

A rolled up newspaper

What do they swat flies with?

7. Afghanistan

Just 0.5% of Afghans have a radio, so there's little chance of you tuning into the BBC World Service. And they've kind of got other, more important, issues over there to deal with as well.

8. Brunei

This tiny kingdom has the most number of roller coasters per person in the world. You'll be too busy screaming and/or throwing up to notice any royal wedding talk.

A rollercoaster, probably not in Brunei

"Wheeeee.... bleurgh..."

9. The Federated States of Micronesia

Yeah, we had to look it up too (it's in the Pacific). This country has the highest number of cannabis smokers, with nearly 3 in 10 partaking of the wacky baccy. Even if you don't join in, you'll probably breathe in enough through passive smoking to stop being coherent.

10. Guadaloupe

Guadaloupe has the lowest number of English speakers in the world - that's counting first AND second languages, pedantry fans. So if someone does talk about the royal wedding, you probably won't be able to understand them. Result!

The island of Guadaloupe in the Caribbean

Plus, it looks like this.

This article was written and researched by The Career Break Site staff. Sources: Wikipedia (obvs), nationmaster.com, BBC, WHO, and some newspapers.