16 January 2013

Many people head off on their holidays throughout the year yet fail to earn a true appreciation of what their destination is really all about. Of course, tour operators and resort managers have been making fortunes for years based on the idea of replicating familiar surroundings in a warmer location.

If you are heading to a country like Australia, however, why on Earth would you want to stick to what you know when you have the opportunity to experience things that will blow your mind?

We looked at the top five authentic Australian experiences that you should look to enjoy should you be headed Down Under.

Uluru Overnight

If you are headed to Uluru, you cannot possibly just pull up in your campervan, take a few photographs, splash around in the lake and then drive off. For a real experience, organise to stay overnight with an Aboriginal guide, who will also take you around the local area, show you all of the best locations and give you the lowdown on the rich history of the place.

Then, and only then, can you head off elsewhere.

The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road

Although the road itself is only 150 miles long, it is definitely worth taking a few days to cover it so you can stop off at all the great locations on the way. The road travels through dense forests as well as around hills atop sheer cliffs and along golden beaches, and takes you past beautiful towns such as Lorne and Apollo Bay.

If you have the energy, you can also experience the Great Ocean Walk.

Bondi beach

Surfing on Bondi Beach

This is definitely something for the less self-aware of us, as surfing in front of thousands of giggling onlookers might not be everyone’s idea of fun. However, a surfing lesson on the world-famous Bondi Beach isn’t something that you can do every day, is it?

Suck it up, get on the board, and give it a go.

Great Barrier Reef

There are concerns that the Reef could be in danger due to pollution and over-tourism in years to come, so it is definitely an experience that should be taken in before it’s too late. Your options are to view it by boat or to dive down there with an experienced guide.

Either way, remember that it is a living organism and should be treated respectfully.

The Tasmanian Outdoors

Spending time ‘out in the bush’ isn’t everyone’s idea of a great trip to Australia, but something such as the Bay of Fires walk in Tasmania gives a perfect middle ground between city living and being at the mercy of the great outdoors.

As an added bonus, Tasmania boasts some of Australia’s most beautiful scenery, and offers a number of stunning nature walks and pursuits for tourists.


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