25 April 2018

We asked our favourite travellers on Twitter and Facebook for their top travel tips. And here they are!


My top tip is to always join airline frequent flyer programs - the points do add up and sometimes you can get lucky with an upgrade - usually members have priority on over booked flights :)

Travel With Sim


Go slow and experience your destination with all your senses, don't try to fit too much into a day or a trip.

Going Somewhere Slowly


Comfortable shoes! You'll probably do a lot of walking whatever type of trip you are taking. Nothing will make you more miserable than sore, aching feet. Take a lightweight pair to change into in the evenings.

The Career Break Site (the admin who DIDN'T ask the question!) on Facebook


Pocket wifi. Since we discovered it, we've hired a little unit on two occasions and used our phones to navigate via sat nav driving in places we didn't know, we've avoided those dreaded hidden charges and generally made life a little easier whilst travelling.

Helen Martin


Always carry snacks in a well-sealed container. They keep your energy up when you don't know when your next meal is, and you will make friends when you share the snacks. The well-sealed container is to prevent vermin getting in. #learnfrommymouseyfail

Rachel Morgan-Trimmer (this site's founder)


Find a washing machine wherever you go so you don't have to take as much crap (especially three million pairs of socks for kids when camping) - I've managed a full wash at Glastonbury festival at least 3 times - partay!

Lucy Jones


Always bring Ziploc bags! They’ll protect your stuff from broken breakables, oozing liquids, dirty dusties, etc. Snacks keep well in them, too!

George Gensler (chocophilenyc on Twitter)


Pack wet wipes and dry shampoo in case you can't shower

Fiona Harkin


Solid shampoo and soap rather than bottles that leak!

Stevie Busby-Childs



Sarah Williams (MiradorDesign on Twitter)


Pack dirty clothes like this.

Jillian Blackshaw


Take bull dog clips in case curtains don’t shut properly - or eye patches!

Judith Evans


This is a good tip, don't ever carry someone else's teddy bear through customs in the airport. [Editor's note: this might seem flippant but it's always a good one to remember as people still become unwitting mules, even these days!]

Steve Phillips


Talk to the locals as much as possible! Talk to taxi drivers as you land, & others. You will end up with great suggestions on what to see/where to go & end up visiting some hidden gems too! Because who could tell you better about the place than the locals!



Thanks to all our awesome contributors! If you have a travel tip to share, please tell us on Facebook or Twitter, and you could make it into the next post!