15 May 2014

Farmers Apprentice winner George Brown

You might remember us featuring a new, innovative farming apprenticeship competition in our newsletter last year.

Well, meet George Brown. He won it!

He and 5 finalists got to go on a unique bootcamp, where they were mentored by top farm business leaders. As well as the new skills they learnt, they got tons more confident, and an exciting experience to put on their CV. As the winner, George also netted the grand prize of £10,000!

After the competition, he spent the majority of 2013 working on a dairy farm in New Zealand.

Next month, George starts a new job as herd manager on a 330-cow grass-based farm in Cumbria. "My new employer contacted me after reading about me on the Farmers Apprentice. This new opportunity, which has come as a direct result of the competition, has been far more valuable than the prize money," he says.

And George has been quite strategic in spending his winnings. Most of it is still sitting in the bank waiting to be invested in some dairy heifer calves, says George. “I am still looking at buying some calves of my own and possibly doing some beef calves, it’s all in the plan.”


The competition is running again this year! If you want a complete career change, and £10,000 to help you get there, Farmer's Apprentice could be for you. Click here for more details, and to enter.